Game Overview

Mythos Encounters is a two to five-player board game where players take the part of the ‘Great Old Ones’ who ‘lust to return from the outer Void to Earth where they might reign supreme and usher in a new age of horror and madness’. Alas, none of the Great Old Ones can yet manifest in this plane of existence, and so must rely upon their Cultists and Servitors to bring about their return. They will successfully rise from their ancient slumbers when their forces control locations in each Alchemical Ring surrounding our world and complete the Grand Conjunction, but must do so before the return of the Mad Daemon Sultan, Azathoth sweeps all before it.

Let the chaos of the end days begin!

Mythos Encounters is a mature-themed strategic and tactical boardgame suitable for players 15 years and over. Set against the backdrop of H.P. Lovecraft’s nihilistic horror stories, the game allows players to manipulate up to five different factions in a race to be the first to collect a different coloured token from each other player by moving from space to space around the board. The game takes between 2 and 3 hours to play, has a medium level of difficulty and horror themes more suitable for a mature audience.